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Biz Markie
aka The Diobolical

Real name Born
Marcell Hall April 8, 1964 - Harlem, New York

Just your friend - Biz MarkieBiz, who grew up on Long Island's South Shore, got his name because he was always busy doing practical jokes in school.Biz Markie began at clubs like the Fun House and the Roxy as a DJ and MC. He was discovered in 1985 by Marley Marl when Marley met Biz while he was beatboxing in Marley's Queensbridge Projects building. Soon Marley Marl and Biz were recording demos together and Biz Markie eventually signed to Prism Records, which later became Cold Chillin' Records.

Biz Markie's debut occurred on a Roxanne Shante track called "Def Fresh Crew" in 1985. In 1986 the EP Make the Music was released on he Prism label, all subsequent albums were released on the Cold Chillin' label.
In 1988 Biz's first full length album Goin' Off was released, which contained the hit singles "Vapors", which was remade by Snoop Doggy Dogg, "Nobody Beats the Biz", and "Pickin' Boogers". The album featured production by Marley Marl and Big Daddy Kane did some of the writing.  This album is without a doubt a Hip-Hop classic and has been sampled and copied by a wide veriety of artists.

In 1989 Biz's next album The Biz Never Sleeps went Platinum as did the single "Just a Friend," which was reportedly written by Grandmaster Caz.  Biz Markie usually works with his cousin Cutmaster Cool V, Biz also has another cousin in the record industry named Diamond Shell.  Shell released an album on Cold Chillin' entitled The Grand Imperial Diamond Shell, which Biz appeared on and helped produce.

The next album, I Need a Haircut, was released in 1991. An 8-bar sample of "Alone Again (Naturally)" by Gilbert O'Sullivan was used in a song called "Alone Again." Gilbert O'Sullivan took the Diabolical to court and Biz was found guilty of copyright infringement. The judge then ordered the distributor, Warner Bros., to stop selling the album, later another version of I Need a Haircut without "Alone Again" was released. Biz would later say that the case caused by O'Sullivan almost ruined him financially.

He's not just another woman (Biz)In 1993 Biz's fourth, and so far last, album called All Samples Cleared was released. Two songs off the album "Young Girl Bluez" and "Let Me Turn U On" were released as singles. A best of album called Biz's Baddest Beats was also released.

Also in 1993 Biz costarred in the short-lived FOX  television series Townsend Television with Robert Townsend. I even spotted Biz Markie on an episode of In Living Color in a skit with Wanda. I captured these pictures with a Snappy so they are not great, but check 'em out anyway.

Since then Biz has been doing this and that but no album, which have read is in the works.  He contributed the song "I Need Food" to the Phat Beach Soundtrack, can be heard on the latest Beasty Boys album, and  his beatboxing can be heard gracing Prince Paul's incredible album A Prince Among Thieves.  If you still need more Biz Markie in your life he aslo appears on the Len album, Can't Stop The Bum Rush, on a song called "Beautiful Day."


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The Biz Markie Home Page

Wow! Biz Markie has come into the digital age. He now has his own website at This page has a complete discography, info one where you can see Biz Markie, pictures and video coming soon! You should definately check this page out now.

Biz Markie is Goin' Off

The only page on the web completely dedicated to the diabolical, angelical, poetical, numerical-miracle man... Biz Markie. The original (as far as I know) page on the web dedicated to Biz Markie.

The Biz Markie Homepage!!

Yep, another page paying homeage to this incredible man. Check it out.