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Fat Boys

Prince Markie Deel

Real Name


Mark Morales

1969 - Brooklyn, New York


Kool Rockski

Real Name


Damon Wimbley

New York


Buffy The Human Beat Box

Real Name



Darren Robinson

New York

December 10, 1995

Prince Markie Dee formed the group with of his friends in the early 80's, and were originally known as the Disco 3. The groups big break came in 1983 when Swiss publicist and promoter Charlie Stettler held a talent show in Radio Music City Hall. The contestants in the talent show had to rap over a recording of Manhattan street sounds, the winner "YO! We's fat! Wait I mean phat, no wait I meant fat!"getting a recording contract. Markie Dee entered the Disco 3 and they won. Besides the recording contract Stettler also booked the Disco 3 on Russell Simmons's Fresh Fest Tour. Stettler also told the Disco 3 that they should change their name to the Fat Boys, after their hit single, "Fat Boys." Their story is roughly followed in the movie Krush Groove, which they were in.

While they were together the Fat Boys made six albums, four of those (Fat Boys, The Fat Boys Are Back, and Comin' Back Hard Again) went gold, and one (Crushin') went platinum. They also made a foray into acting, appearing in the film Krush Groove and starring in the film Disorderlies. The Fat Boys also remade "The Twist" along with Chubby Checker, and remade "Wipeout" with the Beach Boys.

Around 1990 the Fat Boys broke up. In 1991 the Human Beat Box was tried in Pennsylvania for sexual assault of a minor. In 1995 he died of congestive heart failure.  In 1991 Markie Dee began producing and writing for other artists, along with his partner Corey Rooney. Some of the artists he has worked with include Mary J. Blige on the song "Real Love" and Father MC on the song "Treat Them Like They Want to Be Treated." Markie Dee also made a solo album with the Soul Convention, titled Free, that was released in 1992.


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Can You Feel It - Stream -or- Download

This cut right here will sound familiar if you have heard Warren G's secend album (if you haven't heard Warren G's second album I don't blame you).