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Hip Hop History

When I got deeper into Hip Hop I wanted to learn everything I could about the people and the music that laid the foundations for the culture. But I soon discovered that there is not a lot written to teach us younger hip hoppers that were not able to experience the birth of Hip Hop. That is why I began this site, to give Hip Hop's forefathers there due respect and so everyone could discover the roots of the culture.

Here is a quick explanation of everything to the left:

  • History - overview of the people and events that lead to Hip Hop becoming a distinct culture, no disrespect for Graf and Breaking but these areas have been harder for me to get info for

  • Artists - more specific information on old school artists.

  • Pictures - lots of scans from books and magazines

  • Real Audio - a lovely collection of songs for you to listen to while you do the knowledge

  • Links - not up yet, but it should be good eventually

  • Sources - Places that I have gotten the goods, and where you can go to learn even more than I have here

Pretty straightforward stuff.  If you would like to use anything on this site for your own site please e-mail me and let me know.  If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or anything else fire an e-mail or ICQ message to the address and number listed below.







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