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Real Roxanne
                    The Real Roxanne - Stream - or- Download
                           After UTFO released "Roxanne, Roxanne" there were a lot of answer records from women claiming to be                            Roxanne, including Roxanne Shanté who recorded "Roxanne's Revenge".  This track was released early in                            1985, a couple of months after the UFTO release, and was the official answer to "Roxanne, Roxanne".

Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three
                    The Roof Is On Fire (Club DJ) - Stream - or- Download
                            Released in 1984 this song has that famous chant "The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire/ We don't need
                            no water let that muthafucker burn!"

Roxanne Shanté
                    Bite This - Stream - or- Download
                            Roxanne doing what she was well know for- rippin' MC's with no remorse.

                    It's Like That - Stream - or- Download
                            I counldn't have an R section with out at least one Run-DMC song.