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Don't Take My Word On It...

Unfortunately, I wasn't born with this knowledge. I am too young to have lived most of it. That means most of the old school knowledge has come from books, magazines, movies, and CD's. I have listed below some of the sources I used to make this web site. I hope to soon have a listing for classic movies (like Wild Style), reviews of old albums and old-school compilations.  Also, the links to are direct links and not a scam for me to get money (yet, he-he heh).

Hip Hop: The Illustrated History of Break Dancing, Rap Music, and Graffiti
Written by: Steven Hager
Published: 1984, St. Martin's Press

This is a definite read. This book covers all aspects of Hip Hop and does a very good job of it. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to know the history of the culture.

Availability: This book is longer published, so it may be hard to find. I found a copy at two separate libraries were I live, in Oregon no less, so I recommend checking there. If that is not an option, try used book stores in your area, some of whom are able to locate out of print books from other stores. has a service that finds out of print books, but they could not find a copy for me, but you could try your luck. Barnes and Nobles site also has an out of print book finder and if you have say about $116 you don't need they will send you a copy.

Rap Whoz Who
Written by: Steven Stancell
Published: 1996, Schirmer Books

This book covers just about any artist that has made an appearance in the Hip Hop world, up to around 1995. While the book has a lot of information it is, as one reviewer put it, "dry" and doesn't always have as much information you would like on certain artists. It also praises those who were popular at the time that the book was written, such as Tag Team ("Whomp, There It Is!").

Availability: Since this book is still in publication there shouldn't be any problem getting a hold of it, although you might have to special order it from the book store. It is also available from

The Life
Written by: Dennis Wepman, Ronald B. Newman, Murray B. Blinderman
Published 1976, Holloway House Publishing Company

This book deals entirely with toasts. It has 34 toasts written down with notes about where, when and who the authors recorded the toasts from. This is another book that I recommend highly, as does Iceberg Slim who calls it "A stone authentic collection of toasts."

Availability: This is actually a reissue of the original and shouldn't be too hard to come across. Just like the others it is available from

The Source
Published: Monthly

This magazine, which I am sure most of us are familiar with, published an almost monthly column called "Hip-Hop 101" which interviews an old school artist or group. Some of the questions are simplistic so that those who don't know the artist or group won't be left in the dark, but is still interesting reading for those who do. My only gripe is that the little blurb from other artists are unnecessary, that space should be used to ask more questions. Also, The Source issue #100 (Jan '98) has some interesting articles in it.

Availability: At most newsstands and supermarket magazine sections, subscriptions available.

Published: Four times a year

A relative newcomer to the market it is has some promising. I have only read a few issues of this magazine, but is does have some interesting articles and even so goddammed funny shit sometimes.

Availability: At most newsstands and supermarkets, subscriptions available.

Published: Twelve times a year

Another relatively new jack, it is published by the same people who make Vibe, but with more emphasis on hip-hop artists. Just like XXL it has good points, but time will tell which direction it will go. Last I saw, it blurred out cuss words which looks really bad (not bad meaning good, but bad meaning bad).

Availability: At most newsstands and supermarkets, subscriptions available.

Published: Twelve times a year

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Availability: At most newsstands and supermarkets, subscriptions available.